Making veganism more accessible

As well as giving individuals the tools they need to switch to a plant-based diet, we also actively campaign for companies, restaurants and other eateries to increase their vegan options.

We aim to make it easier for companies to introduce vegan options.

Read our ‘Why should you introduce vegan options?’ factfile

A Guide for Restaurants 

Restaurants up and down the country are introducing plant-based options at an amazing scale. However, there are some which are a little behind the competition in this regard. Animal Aid has made a guide for restaurants to use in order to make introducing vegan options easier for them. You can help get vegan options on your local restaurants’ menu by passing on the guide to the manager and/or Head Chef of your local eateries.

Read and download our restaurant guide


‘Vegan cheese, please!’

Vegan cheese has come on leaps and bounds over the years, which has resulted in it being used by many restaurants – including most pizza chains and restaurants. Despite this, there are still some that don’t. A cheeseless pizza just isn’t the same! Given the huge number of people ditching dairy, surely it is time for all pizza eateries to offer consumers a plant-based alternative?

Campaign update: Papa John’s Pizza introduces vegan cheese in all UK stores!