#MarkItVegan campaign

Interest in veganism is growing rapidly in the UK, with more than half a million people having now adopted cruelty-free living – and an ever growing interest from the general public about plant-based eating.

Mark It Vegan banner

There’s been a huge increase in the number of plant-based foods on the market, an explosion in the number of cruelty-free events taking place across the UK and newspapers seem to run articles about veganism almost every other day.

Animal Aid’s #MarkItVegan campaign calls for all major supermarkets to clearly and consistently label all of their own-brand vegan products.

This can be as simple as printing the words ‘suitable for vegans’ on the product packaging, or adopting a clear symbol to show that the item contains no animal-derived ingredients.

This simple measure would not only make shopping for vegan products even easier, but would also help to further normalise veganism and make going vegan all the more appealing, as people will be able to see how many delicious products are actually vegan.

Campaign updates
Prior to the start of campaign, only Sainsbury’s and the Co-op consistently labelled their own-brand vegan products. However, since then we have seen huge progress:

Tesco commits to labelling own-brand vegan products

Asda commits to labelling all of its vegan products

Morrisons will #MarkItVegan!

Iceland commits to own-brand vegan labelling!

Waitrose confirms vegan labelling after #MarkItVegan campaign

As well as introducing a new vegan range, M&S will #MarkItVegan

Lidl, don’t get left behind!

Lidl is the only major UK supermarket to not commit to clear and consistent labelling for its own-brand vegan products. Please ask them to reconsider this position, so they don’t get left behind. On 30th November 2018, we handed in an 11,000+ signature petition to Lidl’s head office; we hope this will give them the push they need to introduce this measure. 

What can you do?