If you really care about animals, the best way you can help is to stop eating them!

Creating a vegan world is the best long-term solution to animal cruelty.

Only by rejecting animal exploitation in all its forms – farming, slaughter, vivisection, entertainment, etc – can we hope to end it. It is demand for these things that fuels the cruel industries behind them, so by ceasing to pay for the products of animal suffering, we can move closer to ending cruelty to animals.

We encourage individuals to adopt veganism by exposing the various ways that animals are abused and by showing people the many benefits of veganism. We also provide people with the tools and information they need to cease using the products of animal suffering and adopt cruelty-free living.

Through our campaign work we seek to normalise veganism and make going vegan easier and more appealing for the general public. It is our aim to improve access to vegan products and services, to make it easier to distinguish cruelty-free goods from animal-based ones and to support vegan initiatives around the UK. Ultimately, of course, we want to see an end to all animal exploitation.

Whether you are curious about veganism, a new vegan, or a long-term advocate of cruelty-free living, please help us to create a world free from animal suffering.

The 7-Day Vegan Challenge!

Curious about Veganism? Try it for 7 days and get all the help you need!

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Healthy Vegan

It has never been easier to be vegan, however, some people struggle to eat healthily on a vegan diet. We’ve got you covered with tips, information, nutritional guides, and videos from health care professionals!

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Their Christmas Wish

Their Christmas Wish refers to the lucky turkeys who get to live out theirs lives free from harm and suffering and aims to ensure as many people as possible have a cruelty-free Christmas dinner.

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Making veganism more accessible

As well as giving individuals the tools they need to switch to a plant-based diet, we also actively campaign for companies, restaurants and other eateries to increase their vegan options.

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Mark It Vegan

Mark It Vegan campaign logoOur #MarkItVegan campaign has resulted in every major UK supermarket committing to clearly and consistently labelling their own-brand vegan products.

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Campaign news

RTÉ Investigation exposes systemic abuse of innocent horses

An undercover investigation by RTÉ into the contemptible world of horse trading highlighted blatant cruelty towards horses, unrestrained greed, fraudulent practices of changing horses’ identifications and illegal transportation of the animals across Europe via the UK...

Posted 13 Jun 2024

‘Votes for Animals’ launched!

On 4th July, the British public will vote in an election that will impact the lives of billions of sentient beings. Today, we launch our Votes For Animals website and the Crackdown on Cruelty campaign,...

Posted 12 Jun 2024