Tomorrow: Vigil at Stockport slaughterhouse where abuse was filmed

Posted on the 30th May 2017

Campaigners will hold banners and give animals water during a peaceful vigil at a Stockport slaughterhouse that was the subject of a recent undercover investigation.

What: Carrying banners which read “Stop The Slaughter”, campaigners from Animal Aid and the Stockport Animal Save will hold a peaceful vigil outside the Cheshire Halal UK Ltd slaughterhouse in Stockport tomorrow. Their goal? To show some compassion to cows and sheep being transported into the site for slaughter and encourage members of the public to adopt a cruelty-free diet.

The vigil comes in response to an undercover secret video taken at the slaughterhouse by Animal Aid, which shows a slaughterman picking up a frightened sheep by her fleece and physically throwing her over a gate, among other scenes of abuse. A slaughterman has subsequently had their licence suspended as a result of the investigation, the Food Standards Agency has confirmed, until further training and an assessment has been undertaken.

Says Luke Steele, Farming and Slaughter Campaigns Manager, Animal Aid:

“Animal abuse uncovered by Animal Aid at the Stockport slaughterhouse, where a vulnerable sheep was picked up by the fleece and thrown over a gate, is clearly in our view unlawful and inexcusable. With this being the 12th slaughterhouse where we have filmed workers breaking the law, it is clear that there is a cruelty scandal ongoing in British slaughterhouses. 

“We today welcome the decision taken by the Food Standards Agency to suspend the licence of a slaughterman at Cheshire Halal. However, we want to ask caring people everywhere to stop the kind of suffering filmed by simply swapping animal products for a plant-based alternative. Never before has it been so easy to enjoy a cruelty-free meal.”

Where: Cheshire Halal UK Ltd, The Abattoir, 2 Higher Bury Street, Stockport, SK4 1BJ.

When: Wednesday 31 May 2017, 15:00 – 20:00.

Your coverage is invited.

RSVP to Luke Steele at +44 (0) 1732 364546 Ext 233 or

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