Top tips for having a vegan Christmas!

Posted on the 19th November 2022

Easy ways to spread kindness to animals this festive season.

1) Spare the turkey and opt for a plant-based feast instead!

Download a free Christmas recipe booklet

2) Make sure the only animals you giveaway are toy ones; never buy animals to giveaway as gifts.

3) Support Animal Aid’s work by purchasing from our cruelty-free shop. Everything we sell is vegan, not tested on animals, environmentally friendly, and all the money raised goes to help fund our campaigns.

Visit the Animal Aid Shop!

4) If you plan on donating to medical charities, make sure you only support those which do not fund or conduct animal experiments. You can find a list of charities here.

See more about our Victims of Charity campaign

5) Never visit attractions which use live animals – such as reindeer, camels and penguins – in displays. Such events are exploitative and cause animals huge amounts of distress.

Reindeer in shopping centre

See more about our campaign against the use of animals in Christmas displays

This Christmas, spread the Christmas cheer to all animals!

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