Try Vegan this World Plant Milk Day!

Posted on the 17th August 2022

August 22nd is World Plant Milk Day.

There are many reasons to try plant-based milks and alternatives. They are better for animals, the planet, they are healthy, and delicious!

For the animals
Animals suffer terribly in the dairy industry. It is common practice for cows to be forcibly impregnated, to have their babies taken away from them, and to be sent to the slaughterhouse when they are no longer deemed profitable. All this exploitation causes immense suffering.

For the planet

Dairy farming is one of the biggest contributors to water pollution in the UK. Not to mention, research shows that when compared with plant milks, dairy is the worst for the planet when it comes to land use, water use and greenhouse gas emissions.

For your health
There are no nutrients contained in dairy milk and dairy products that cannot be obtained from vegan sources. In fact, the world’s leading dietetic organisations all agree that a well-planned plant-based diet provides all the nutrients our bodies need.


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