Facts about turkeys that you should know

Posted on the 29th November 2022

As Christmas approaches, we’ve put together these facts about turkeys that you may not know…

1) Turkeys are social animals.
Turkeys love making friends and can form lasting bonds with other animals in their groups and will even protect other turkeys with whom they have bonded. These gentle creatures also enjoy socialising with humans.

These turkeys live at The Retreat Animal Rescue
2) Turkeys have unique voices.
Turkeys can recognise each other by their voices. In fact, more than 20 unique vocalisations have been identified in wild turkeys.
These turkeys live at Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary
3) They have amazing eyes.
Turkeys have amazing vision! In fact, it is three-times better than humans, and their field of vision covers 270 degrees.
rescued baby turkey
This baby turkey was rescued by The Retreat Animal Rescue
4) 14,000,000 million are slaughtered in the UK each year.
An average of 14,000,000 million turkeys are farmed and slaughtered for ‘food’ in the UK each year – 10,000,000 of whom are killed for Christmas dinners.
We documented turkeys on their way to the slaughterhouse.
5) Factory farming.
Most turkeys in the UK, and globally, spend their short lives on intensive factory farms. Thousands of these birds are packed into windowless sheds, where there is no natural light or fresh air, and are forced to reside in filth. They are usually transported to the slaughterhouse when they are about 4 months old.
See more from the investigation where this image was taken.
6) Farmed turkeys have very sad lives.
The lives of farmed turkeys are not full of the joy and love that they deserve. Animal Aid investigations have found sick and injured turkeys left to suffer, whilst surrounded by the dead bodies of other turkey on British farms.Injured turkeys at a Bernard Matthews free range farm
See more from the investigation where this image was taken.

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