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Vegan 101

Animal Aid’s school speaker training officer, Diane Smith, demonstrates how to cook a variety of delicious and nutritious vegan dishes.

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Veganism with Carl and Rupert

Vegan comedian Carl Donnelly and his canine friend Rupert expain why it's cool to be vegan. Fast moving and dynamic, this four minute movie outlines the reasons, in a comical, yet hard-hitting way, why so...

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From Farm to Fork

This thought-provoking film is ideal for stimulating discussion and debate about the way we rear animals for food in Britain today.

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Investigating Animal Research

Versions suitable for KS3 and KS4/sixth form. Running time 14 minutes and 16 minutes respectively. Both films are on the one DVD. Follow teenagers Callum and Olivia, as they hit the streets to find out...

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Let’s Cook

Animal Aid’s cookery-training officer, Liz Hughes, demonstrates to school students how to cook two delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes.

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Eat This!

This film and accompanying student activities are ideal for stimulating debate about the way we rear animals for food in Britain today. The movie follows four teenagers with very differing views, as they ask hard-hitting...

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