‘Tyrannical’ new regulations will outlaw the rescue of sick and injured squirrels

Posted on the 20th December 2018

Natural England will be revoking licences for rescue organisations to take in and rescue particular animals, including grey squirrels and Muntjac deer.

An email has been sent out to rescue organisations stating that the Invasive Alien Species Order 2019 will come into force on 29th March 2019, at which time their licences to rescue and rehabilitate these animals will be revoked. Any wildlife rescue organisations working with ‘non native’ species such as grey squirrels previously required licences to help a limited number of grey squirrels each year. When this new Order is implemented, rescue organisations such as the London-based Urban Squirrels will no longer be able to rescue squirrels who are in need.

Under the new Order, if a member of the public comes across an injured grey squirrel, rescue organisations will no longer be able to assist in the care of the animal. Vets will also have no choice but to euthanize animals who previously could have been referred to a wildlife rescue agency.

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