Victory! Wales becomes the first country in the UK to ban snares!

Posted on the 27th June 2023

On 27 June, members of the Senedd in Wales voted through a total ban on snares as part of the Agriculture (Wales) Bill!

Animal Aid, along with the League Against Cruel Sports, has been campaigning for a ban on these cruel, indiscriminate devices of torture across the UK. Wales has now become the first country to bring in a ban.

A massive, heartfelt thank you goes to all Animal Aid supporters, campaigners, animal protection organisations and, of course, to the hard-working, compassionate and determined Members of the Senedd who have helped make a ban on snares in Wales a reality!

Says Iain Green, Director of Animal Aid:

‘This victory in Wales is a magnificent achievement which will save thousands of animals from appalling suffering.

‘The use of snares to ‘protect’ millions of purpose-bred game birds until they can be killed for fun is utterly inexcusable. Many wildlife conservation organisations do not permit the use of snares on their land, so we know that snares are not necessary in modern conservation.

‘The Welsh Government has acted with determination and compassion to bring an end to the use of these cruel and indiscriminate devices and is to be wholly congratulated.’

The next step is to make sure that this historic achievement in Wales is replicated in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  A government petition, started by Animal Aid, obtained more than 100,000 signatures last year, resulting in a Westminster debate on snares at the start of this year. Sadly, however, Westminster is dragging its feet in taking action – but, following the compassionate decision of the Welsh Government, we hope that a ban will become a reality in other parts of the UK, too.

Help persuade your MP that a ban on snares is now needed throughout the UK

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