Watch the talks from our second Wildlife Summit

Posted on the 23rd November 2020

You can catch up on our VegfestUK Wildlife Summit 2020 talks online now.

On Sunday 15th November, Animal Aid co-hosted our second VegfestUK Wildlife Summit. This year, we teamed up with Humane Wildlife Solutions and put together a fantastic mix of ten live and pre-recorded talks, presentations and interviews. These included an interview with our fantastic patron Peter Egan, Urban Squirrel’s Natalia Doran, and a pair of hunt sabs. 

Last year we hosted our first wildlife summit at VegfestUK London, and we were excited to work with VegfestUK once again this year. Due to Covid-19, the festival could not take place in London as planned, so was instead adapted and took place online. While it was of course disappointing not being to attend this fantastic event in person, adapting this to an online event provided the exciting opportunity to work with speakers who may not have been able to travel to London – including Josie Humble from South Africa’s Vervet Monkey Foundation.

Another huge benefits of this being online, was that even if you didn’t manage to catch our talks at the weekend, you are able to catch-up on these for the foreseeable future. You can view the live broadcasts and pre-recorded presentations on the VegfestUK website.

We hope you enjoy these talks! 

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