What’s wrong with dairy and eggs?

Posted on the 15th May 2023

The dairy and egg industries are cruel to animals…

The Dairy Industry
The dairy industry is horrifically cruel to animals. Dairy cows face a lifetime of forced impregnation, having their babies taken away from them, and then when they are no longer considered ‘profitable’, they are usually sent to the slaughterhouse.

If their babies are female, they will face a similar fate to that of their mother. If they are male, they are often sent to veal farms, killed shortly after birth, or even exported to other countries to be raised and slaughtered for consumption.

The Egg Industry
The life of chickens in the egg industry is short, and often miserable. Their lives begin at hatcheries, where they are then sorted; the females will go to farms, whereas the males are seen as a useless by-product and are usually gassed to death at a day old. Other permitted killing methods include being minced whilst alive and fully conscious.

Egg-laying hens suffer horrendously; Animal Aid has documented the widespread use of mutilations such as de-beaking, as well as animals being forced to reside in packed cages and sheds, where disease and illness are commonplace. We have found hens with open wounds being left without treatment, amongst other horrific scenes.

At about 18 months old, these poor hens will be considered ‘spent’, meaning that they cannot produce enough eggs to be profitable. At this point, they are usually sent to the slaughterhouse to be killed.

The dairy and egg industries are cruel and unnecessary. If you care about animals, please consider going vegan!


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