Why you should ditch dairy this February

Posted on the 4th February 2022

The farming lobby, out of fear from the rise of veganism and popularity of Veganuary, has attempted to co-opt February as Februdairy. However, those attempts are futile. Here’s why you should instead go Februdairy-Free.

1) It’s better for animals
The dairy industry is inherently cruel to animals. On dairy farms, cows are confined, forcibly impregnated, have their babies taken away from them, and when they are no longer profitable, they are sent to slaughter.

If their babies are female, they will often face the same fate as their mother. If they are male, they are usually sent to be raised for veal or beef.

Ultimately, all these animals will face abuse, exploitation and slaughter.


2) It’s better for the planet

Dairy is also terrible for the environment, being a major cause of water pollution, land use and carbon emissions.

Research shows that compared with dairy milk, plant-based milk (such as oat, soya, almond and coconut) is far better for the environment as it requires less land, fewer resources and produces far fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

3) It’s better for you

Adopting a plant-based diet can also benefit your health. Every major dietetics body holds that a well-planned vegan diet provides all the nutrients one needs, and can also reduce the risk of certain diseases and illnesses, such as heart disease and certain types of cancer.

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4) It’s delicious

There are so many vegan dairy-alternatives available these days! From ice-cream to cheese to yoghurts, going vegan doesn’t mean going without. You are guaranteed to find alternatives to your current favourites.

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