World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2023

Posted on the 24th April 2023

Monday the 24th of April is World Day for Animals in Laboratories. This day commemorates the many animals that suffer in laboratories, both today and throughout history. Animals that are the very same species we share our lives with – rabbits, dogs, cats and many more.

World Day for Animals in Laboratories was founded in 1979, which is the same time that Animal Aid highlighted the cruel and scientifically pointless LD50 test. The LD50 involves groups of animals being given increasing doses of a substance until 50% of them are dead.

There is now an exciting development in the world of science – AcutoX. This test, which is ready to replace the LD50 test, is 100% animal-free, using donated human skin cells to test how toxic substances are. So, as well as being cruelty-free it is actually relevant to humans, unlike the LD50 test!

To spread the word, we have joined forces with global retailer, Lush Cosmetics to call on government, regulators and industry to stop commissioning and conducting the LD50 test. 

Our new campaign was launched at Parliament last week, where our petition gained support from MPs and industry alike. To highlight how much has changed since the invention of this outdated LD50 test, the campaign launch also featured a stunt at the Lush store on Oxford Street, with an old fashioned scientist arriving in an original Rolls Royce from 1927. Along with a gramophone-winding flapper, this was a poignant reminder that the LD50 tests, invented before all women had the vote, have had their day and that it’s time for better science.

On this World Day for Animals in Laboratories please sign and share our petition to help bring an end to animal experiments forever.

Sign the petition!

Once you’ve signed and shared the petition, don’t forget to view and share our brand new animation, explaining more about the LD50 test – narrated by the wonderful Diane Morgan!

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