Breaking: shocking scenes filmed at small-scale slaughterhouse

Posted on the 18th September 2018

Brave Animal Aid investigators recently placed covert cameras at a fifteenth slaughterhouse – PJ Hayman in Devon. The footage has revealed a number of shocking incidents, that would have added to the suffering already caused by the horrific slaughter process.

This included:

  • Several animals being beaten with piping about the body and one struck in the face.
  • A cow being threatened and losing her footing on the slippery floor as she tries to escape the slaughterman.
  • Increasingly distressed animals left for significant periods in stun boxes or in head restraints prior to being slaughtered.
  • A gate being closed on the face of one frightened animal.
  • Slaughterhouses are supposed to make sure that stunning pens restrict animals’ movements, so that they can be accurately stunned. This was certainly not the case here.

These animals would already have been disorientated and distressed. The level of fear they encountered unimaginable. All of this proves that there is nothing ‘humane’ about slaughter, whether it be ‘higher welfare’, conventional stun or non-stun. The animals never give their lives – they are stolen.

Please share our new investigation as widely as possible.

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