Animal Aid release new ‘#Februdairy’ film!

Our new film aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding the ‘wholesome and friendly’ portrayal of dairy, as currently being extensively marketed via social media to the UK public during the month of February....

Posted 09 Feb 2018

Februdairy film screen shot

Breast cancer risk from three bacon rashers….

You may have seen the recent coverage of a recent and sizeable British study into the link between elevated rates of breast cancer in older women and processed meat such as ham, bacon and sausages....

Posted 03 Jan 2018

Antibiotics Awareness

The post-war era has ushered in a new age of increasing intensification of farming. More and more animals are bred to grow unnaturally fast and kept in crowded, highly stressful and deplorable conditions.

Posted 20 Nov 2017


Every day is bad luck for farmed animals

Friday the 13th – a day plagued by superstition and thoughts of ‘bad luck’. Whereas one can shrug this off as nothing more than folklore, the same cannot be said for animals suffering in the...

Posted 13 Oct 2017