Further footage emerges of horrifying treatment of vulnerable sheep at Farmers Fresh slaughterhouse, Wales

Posted on the 4th November 2019

Animal Equality UK have released a deeply disturbing and damning new investigation into Farmers Fresh slaughterhouse in Wrexham, Wales, following our own investigation there earlier this year.

The chaos, brutality and incompetence uncovered by our earlier investigation were bad enough. It is absolutely unthinkable that nightmarish scenes should have been filmed at the slaughterhouse yet again, after we had reported our investigation to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), and they had assured us that robust action was being taken. We believe that urgent questions need to be asked about the current regulatory regime, and whether it is fit for purpose.

 Some of their findings are reported as follows:

  • Sheep becoming trapped in an inadequate conveyor system, subsequently falling through a gap onto the floor. Others becoming painfully jammed in the machinery and are left to hang upside down in mid-air.
  • A dead sheep being placed on top of two living animals on the slaughter line conveyer belt.
  • Petrified sheep looking on in fear, as others are beheaded in front of them.
  • A sheep carcass is found lying on the slaughterhouse floor.

These disturbing revelations add yet more weight to the overwhelming case for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV in slaughterhouses in Wales. This shows the vital need for truly independent spot-checking, to show what is really going on behind closed doors. Ultimately though, even when the law is followed to the letter, slaughter can never be cruelty-free which is why we promote a vegan lifestyle as the very best way to protect animals. 


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