Going vegan whilst at university

Posted on the 16th September 2022

Animal Aid’s Student Vegan Guide is ideal for anybody who is already vegan and will be starting university this year, or for students who wish to try being vegan.

Starting university is often the first time when someone lives away from home, and must budget for everything – including food bills. Indeed, eating healthily on a budget is often considered difficult, especially when veganism is involved.

But being vegan on a student budget is absolutely possible; in fact, the cheapest foods available in shops are plant-based (vegetables, pasta, fruits, rice, beans, pulses etc.), so you can end up saving money by going vegan.

Animal Aid’s Student Vegan Guide provides all the information anybody on a student budget needs to go and stay vegan – whilst eating delicious and nutritious food. It includes recipes, nutritional information, shopping tips and more!

In addition to the Student Vegan Guide, Animal Aid has posters that are very useful to students who are vegan or want to be vegan. These can be downloaded for free, below.

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