Lidl GB to introduce new vegan labelling!

Posted on the 17th September 2019

Lidl GB is the latest supermarket to introduce a new logo for its vegan and vegetarian products.

At the end of last year, we handed in an 11,000+ signature petition to Lidl’s head office in London, calling for them to introduce clear and consistent labelling for their own-brand vegan products, as part of our #MarkItVegan Campaign.

Lild GB were already in the process of reviewing such labelling and we are now delighted to announce that following that review, Lidl GB is to introduce a new vegan and vegetarian logo across a range of its products!

Within the next few months, the logo will be rolled out onto priority products. For products that may be harder to identify as vegan or vegetarian, such as crisps and biscuits, the logo will appear on the front of the packet, and for other more obvious products, it will appear on the back.

A huge thank you to Lidl GB!

With this announcement, all major supermarkets have now committed to clear and consistent labelling of their vegan products, with many of them implementing this policy already!

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