New releases for Veganuary 2022!

Posted on the 14th January 2022

This month, supermarkets, eateries, and everything in-between have released an amazing array of new vegan products in homage to Veganuary – here’s a handful of our favourites!

M&S Bakewell Cookies

These delicious little cookies have already won an award, from OliveMagazine, for being the best Vegan Cookie. Packed with flavour and delightfully chewy, these are indeed quite possibly the best vegan cookies about!

Caffe Nero New Vegan Sandwich

This January saw the launch of the new Plant Based ‘Chicken’ ArrabbiataPanini at Caffe Nero. It contains seasoned THIS Isn’t Chicken pieces in a tomato ragu sauce, with chargrilled red pepper puree and spinach, all in a sourdough panini. And it is delicious!

Aldi Plant Menu Puddings

Every Veganuary, Aldi releases several new products for the month. 2022’s release includes these amazing little puddings: Sticky Lemon Sponge Pudding andChocolate and Hazelnut! Both are very tasty, rich and perfect if you enjoy a sweet treat!

Costa Coffee New Vegan Food

Costa Coffee has also added a couple of new vegan options this January,including the Vegan BBQ Chick’n Panini and vegan Chocolate & Pecan Slice, developed by the amazing BOSH!

Krispy Kreme Launches 3 Vegan Doughnuts

Vegans are now spoilt for choice when it comes to doughnuts! Last year, Krispy Kreme released its first vegan glazed doughnut, and now it has launched three more amazing flavours: Fudge Brownie Bliss, Caramel Choc Delight and Apple Crumble.

Everything in moderation…
It is worth noting that a well-planned vegan diet is one of the healthiest ways of eating and is suitable for all ages. A balanced vegan diet should consist mostly of wholefoods – such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, and beans – with small amounts of more indulgent items, being consumed occasionally.

For more information on vegan health, please visit the following websites:
The Vegan RD:

The NHS Eat Well advice for vegan diets:

Vegan Health, evidence-based vegan nutritional advice:


Whilst pre-packaged meat-alternatives, ready meals and the like are delicious, you may want to use this month as an opportunity to try your hand at cooking plant-based meals from scratch. This can be a lot cheaper than shop-bought versions. Animal Aid has a huge number of delicious vegan recipes for you to try – complete with step-by-step instructions, and instructional videos.

Take a look at our Vegan Recipes section

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