Undercover investigations: pigs

These pages chronicle the investigations that we have carried out looking into conditions for farmed animals. This page focuses on pigs and is in reverse chronological order.

York Wold Pig Pro Ltd (2016)

We investigated several farms run by York Wold Pig Pro, a company planning a new factory farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Bedfordia Farms pig units (2013)

We filmed inside three pig units – Arnoe Farm, Highfields Farm and Twinwood Pig Unit – belonging to Bedfordia Farms Ltd, which is endorsed by the Red Tractor scheme. Films taken inside each unit can be seen on this page.

Edneys Farm (2013)

Animal Aid investigators have gone back to a pig farm they first visited five years ago to see whether conditions have improved.

A visit to two Midlands Pig Producers farms (2010)

In response to Midlands Pig Producers (MPP) planning application for a huge pig farm in Foston, Derbyshire, Animal Aid visited two MPP farms in July 2010.


BPEX pig farm investigation (2009)

Animal Aid visited seven farms owned or run by five directors of the industry levy board, the British Pig Executive (BPEX). All were appointed to BPEX by Defra. The seven farms were secretly filmed between April 2008 and January 2009. More footage from each film can be seen for Greenway Farm, Evergreen Farm, Manor Farm, Melrose Farm and Norway Farm, Grayingham Grange Farm and Sandhouse Farm.

Unhappy Mother’s Day (2009)

Animal Aid visited an intensive West Country pig farm in an attempt to bring a little happiness into the otherwise desolate lives of breeding sows.

‘Pigs are worth it’ investigation (2008)

Animal Aid visited a typical pig farm in order to compare the welfare standards we found with those claimed by the pig farming industry in recent weeks in their ‘Pigs Are Worth It’ campaign.

Undercover investigations at 10 intensive pig farms (2008)

In March and April 2008 Animal Aid visited 10 English pig farms spanning five counties: Cornwall, Somerset, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Films taken inside each unit can be seen by following the links from the press release.