A Good Life? Think again

It’s a line we hear all the time: that consuming animal products is okay as long as they’ve had “a good life”. But many consumers don’t realise that farmed animals suffer immensely even before reaching the slaughterhouse. 

Mothers and babies are separated at birth if not before (hens’ eggs are removed before they’ve even hatched), young animals are mutilated often without anesthetic, and almost all will be housed indoors for the entirety of their lives in dirty, crowded conditions. Because intensive farming aims to produce animal products as quickly and as cheaply as possible, animals are given the bare minimum – quite the opposite of “a good life”.

Animals on farms are deprived of everything that makes their lives worth living, including those on ‘higher welfare’ or ‘organic’ farms. 

For inquisitive, sensitive animals like pigs, chickens and turkeys, “a good life” should involve the freedom to explore, forage and play. For cows, sheep and goats, who are emotionally intelligent and form close bonds with one another, “a good life” would allow them to nurture their babies and form lifelong friendships. For fish and aquatic species, farming simply cannot replicate the rich, diverse environment they’re used to. 

Every animal is an individual, and none want to die. 

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