Undercover investigations

These pages chronicle the investigations that we have carried out looking into conditions for farmed animals. These are organised by species investigated and are in reverse chronological order.

Our ground-breaking, agenda-setting investigations in British slaughterhouses can be found here.

Animal Aid investigators observe strict biosecurity whenever visiting farms – including showering before and after visits to each farm and wearing unused protective overalls. We consulted a senior Trading Standards officer to ensure that we adopt all necessary measures and that we are always in full compliance.

Farmer of the Year (2012)

This film covers five farms that were all shortlisted for, or won, a Farmer of the Year award. The animals kept on the five farms were pigs, dairy cows, chickens reared for meat and egg-laying hens.

Chickens reared for meat

H Barker and Son ‘broiler’ farm (2015)

Filmed in November 2015 at a farm in Yorkshire that is operated by a company who were applying to build a giant intensive chicken ‘unit’ that could rear more than a million birds per year.

Chicken Catching (2014)

Filmed at Braes Farm in Dumfriesshire in December 2014, this footage shows the brutal process of catching broiler chickens prior to transportation to the slaughterhouse.

‘Broiler’ Birds: The suffering of Britain’s chickens (2013)

The footage was filmed in March 2013 at three farms owned by members of the National Farmers Union Poultry Board: P D Hook Ltd, Galley Hill Farm and Uphouse Farm.

Freedom Food chicken farm: Millards Poultry (2008)

An undercover investigation of an RSPCA-approved Freedom Food chicken farm in Somerset in 2008. Filmed over three visits when the birds were, respectively, 7, 36 and 47 days old.

Broiler bird investigation (2008)

2008 Investigation at a typical 30,000-bird capacity unit where the chickens are reared for meat. Six sick and ailing chickens were rescued and taken to a vet.

Egg-laying hens

Fridays Ltd egg farms (2015)

An investigation at two farms owned by Fridays Ltd, filmed in November 2015. The company had submitted plans to build a new farm, but the application was withdrawn two days after this footage was handed over to the local council.

Sunrise Eggs (2013)

An investigation into the conditions for egg-laying hens in the enriched cage system, filmed in 2013.


Bernard Matthews Farm (2016)

In November 2016, Animal Aid filmed at a free-range and RSPCA Assured farm, operated by Bernard Matthews, finding animals with bloodied and infected head wounds.

Turkeys: unhappy lives (2014)

In December 2014, Animal Aid’s investigator visited a turkey farm to see how these birds are raised before being killed for Christmas dinners.

Torbay Turkey investigation (2007)

Animal Aid visited a randomly selected turkey farm, Torbay Turkeys in Devon, as the turkeys were being reared in preparation for Christmas slaughter.


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