Briefings, booklets and reports

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Animal experiments

  • The Case Against Animal Experiments This report makes the scientific case against the use of animals in biomedical research. A4, 24pp, 2015.
  • Don’t Leave a Legacy of Suffering Don’t leave money in your will to a charity that funds animal experiments
  • Science Corrupted This report exposes the appalling animal suffering and immense squandering of scientific resources in the GM mouse revolution. A4, 44pp, 2013. Available for download only
  • Victims of Charity Report looking into the animal research funded by Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Alzheimer’s Society and Parkinson’s UK; finding not only appalling suffering, but also a lack of significant health benefits to people. A4, 46pp, 2011
  • Making a Killing Report on how drug company greed is harming people and animals A4, 54pp, 2008
  • Animals: The Hidden Victims of War The use of animals in warfare and weapons research A5, 24pp, 2006
  • Human Tissue Research A4, 4pp, 2010. Available for download only


  • Your Guide to Going Vegan A guide to animal-free shopping, cooking and eating. Includes 11 recipes from breakfast to pudding. A5, 44pp, 2017
  • Plant-based Cooking on a Budget A budget-conscious guide to eating vegan. Information on cupboard staples, money-saving tips, simple meal ideas and a set of cheap and nutritious recipes. A5, 28pp, 2019
  • A Pocket Guide to Veganism A small pocket-sized booklet containing information on why to go vegan, nutrition know-how, shopping tips, eating out guide and list of helpful apps and websites. Ideal for street stalls and giving out at vegan events. A6, 16pp, 2019
  • Vegan Student Survival Guide A guide aimed at helping students who are already vegan or want to go vegan. It contains lots of useful information on eating vegan on a student budget, including recipes and shopping tips. As well as this, the amazing anti-poverty campaigner and chef Jack Monroe has lent us their top tips for vegan students!
  • Young Veggies Basic guide to vegetarianism for young people A5, 16pp, 2012

Animal Farming

Horse Racing


Wildlife Culls

Living Without Cruelty

Supporting Animal Aid

  • Legacy Booklet
    Guide to leaving a legacy to Animal Aid A4