Key reports and briefings

Animal Aid has produced a range of revealing and thoroughly researched reports and briefings on animal farming topics. Among areas covered are: factory farming and human health, the truth about 'higher welfare' products and the fishing industry.


The Uncounted Dead: Farming’s unofficial victims

This report charts, for the first time, the estimated annual total of 43 million farmed animals who die before they can be slaughtered. They are killed by disease, exposure, starvation, fires, floods, road crashes and plain wanton neglect.
A4, 48pp, 2014

The trouble with animal farming

This booklet focuses on animal farming, with succinct sections on breeding, confinement, disease, slaughter and ‘high welfare’ products. Also detailed are the mutilations to which animals are subjected.
A5, 16 pp, 2011

Is Factory Farming Making Us Sick?

This report succinctly describes 13 major diseases that start in factory farm settings but may go on to harm and even kill people. They include salmonellosis, campylobacter infection, BSE, bird flu and swine flu.
A5, 43pp, first published 2010, revised 2020

Dark Waters

This report examines the impact of eating fish on animal welfare, human health and the environment.
A5, 40pp, 2013

Battery Cows: Zero grazing and the dairy industry.

Our report demonstrates that dairy farming in general, and zero grazing in particular, cause high levels of stress, disease and physiological breakdown in cows.
A4, 8pp, 2007

Goat cruelty on the supermarket shelf

This report documents our findings at three goat farms that supply goat milk and cheese to supermarkets.
A4, 2pp, 2007


The Battle of the Battery Cage

The life of caged hens kept for laying eggs, and a history of the ‘battery’ and ‘enriched’ cage in the UK and Europe.
A4, 5pp, 2014

What’s wrong with high-welfare animal products?

This briefing looks at how much organic, free range and other so-called ‘high welfare’ systems really benefit the animals raised in them