How to help badgers in the colder months!

  • Avoid disturbing active badger setts, especially during their breeding season which peaks in late winter/early spring. Badgers are protected by law.
  • Clear away from the entrance to setts any debris like branches or wire that could obstruct badgers coming and going.
  • Provide supplementary food like peanuts, oats, apples, or sweetcorn, placed near their sett but not too close to interfere.
  • Create a badger gate or tunnel through any fencing near their sett so they can access different areas of their territory.
  • Check any ponds or water sources haven’t become covered or frozen over – badgers need to drink regularly.
  • Drive slowly and watch out for badgers near the roadside at dusk and dawn when they are most active.
  • Keep dogs on leads when near woods or areas badgers inhabit to avoid disturbance or baiting.
  • Avoid using poisons like slug pellets that could be harmful if badgers consume affected prey.
  • Report any incidents of illegal badger baiting or persecution to the RSPCA or police immediately.
  • Contact a badger protection group if you spot any ill or injured badgers that may need care.
  • Visit the Badger Trust website for further details!