How to help hedgehogs in the colder months!

  • Leave out food and fresh water each evening to provide hedgehogs with extra nutrition before hibernation. Avoid bread and milk which can upset their stomachs. Visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for more information on feeding hedgehogs!
  • Create a small hedgehog house or log pile in a sheltered part of the garden to give them somewhere frost-free to sleep over winter. Ensure the entrance is at least 13cm square. Keep the bottom of any fencing or gates less than 13cm off the ground so hedgehogs can still roam between gardens.
  • Rake up fallen leaves to check for hibernating hedgehogs before burning them or removing them from borders. Cover drains, holes, and compost heaps in case a hedgehog tries to nest there. Check bonfires thoroughly before lighting.
  • Avoid using slug pellets or other pesticides which could be harmful to hedgehogs.
  • Keep netting and litter off the ground where hedgehogs could get tangled or trapped.
  • Drive slowly after dark and watch out for any hedgehogs in the road.
  • Contact a local hedgehog rescue if you find an underweight or injured hedgehog that needs help before winter.