Help Wildlife in Colder Weather

See below for tips to help wildlife!

  • Leave areas of garden undisturbed, with leaf litter, log piles, and long grass where animals can shelter.
  • Avoid cutting back flowering plants and hedgerows late in autumn so birds and mammals can access seeds and berries.
  • Put out food and fresh water for birds, hedgehogs and small mammals. Hanging feeders, ground feeding stations and shallow dishes work well.
  • Make DIY shelters like hedgehog houses, log piles and bird boxes for small animals to nest and hibernate in. Ensure they are frost-free.
  • Look out for amphibians like frogs and toads and provide damp areas for them to shelter in like compost heaps. Avoid disturbing their hiding spots.
  • Cover pools, ponds and water butts so animals don’t fall in and struggle to escape. Create ramps so they can climb out.
  • Drive carefully at dusk and dawn when wildlife is most active crossing roads from one habitat to another.
  • Keep dogs and cats under control and don’t let them disturb, injure or kill wildlife.
  • Report injured, trapped or mistreated animals to the RSPCA for help immediately.
  • Join wildlife surveys like the RSPB’s Garden Birdwatch to monitor native species over winter.





General tips to help wildlife!