How to help birds in colder weather!

  • Put out bird feeders with winter bird seed mixes and regularly top up food and water. Clean feeders to avoid disease spread.
  • Provide a variety of foods for different species. Hang feeders from trees or on stands. Make homemade fat balls to provide birds with extra energy.
  • Leave autumn berries on trees and hedgerows for birds to forage on. Plant winter-fruiting trees like hawthorn and holly.
  • Put up nesting boxes to provide roosting sites for small birds. Ensure boxes are draught-proof and cleaned out ready for winter residents.
  • Provide fresh water daily in bird baths, changing regularly to avoid ice. Consider a heated bird bath.
  • Leave areas of garden with leaf litter, logs, and scrubby vegetation where birds can shelter from poor weather and predators.
  • Avoid cutting back herbaceous plants and hedges until late winter so birds can access seeds.
  • Keep cats indoors, especially at dawn and dusk when birds are feeding and vulnerable to predation.
  • Join the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch in January to help monitor bird populations!