World Plant Milk Day 2020

Posted on the 14th August 2020

August 22nd marks the annual World Plant Milk Day; a day which aims to celebrate and promote dairy alternatives, and to expose the cruelty of the dairy industry.

Why should I ditch dairy?

The dairy industry is one of the cruellest industries about. Cows are treated as mere objects and machines, rather than thinking, feeling, sentient beings. Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated, have their babies taken away from them and are strapped to milking machines. When their bodies are too worn out from this constant cycle they are sent to slaughter at around 6 years old. And when their babies are taken away from them, where do they go? Well, some – mainly the males who can’t produce milk – will be killed at birth, or sent abroad to be used in the veal trade. The females will usually have to suffer the same fate as their mothers.

Dairy is also terrible for the environment; it is responsible for massive amounts of water pollution incidents. The slurry from dairy farms can leak into rivers and streams where it kills fish and spreads disease. In addition to this, when compared to dairy milk, all plant milks are better for the planet in terms of carbon footprint, water use and land use.

There are no nutrients contained in cow’s milk that cannot be obtained from plant-based sources. See more information on plant-based nutrition.

Dairy alternatives

These days, there are dairy-free alternatives to every dairy product you can imagine! From milk to ice cream, from cheese to yogurts, going dairy-free does not mean going without.

Here’s a couple of our favourites.

Plant Milks

Vegan Cheese

Vegan Ice Cream


In addition to this, you can create amazing dishes using completely plant-based ingredients. Here’s a couple recipes!

Vegan Carbonara

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