A Good Life?

an illustration of a chicken, pig and cow standing on a green background, underneath a text banner that reads A Good Life?

Most people think that all animals should have a good life. Animals are intelligent. They feel joy and pain. They like to play, form friendships – some like to forage, dustbathe, dig for food or sing to their babies. Sadly, on farms, animals can’t do what they like.

Many standard, legal, farming practices would rightly shock everyday consumers. Whether free-range or intensive, animals suffer on farms. What does it really mean to have “a good life”?

At this time of year, our TV screens are filled with images of Christmas dinners which feature a turkey. Turkeys being farmed for food certainly don’t have ‘a good life’. They lead short, pain-filled lives being killed before they are six months old. Their  lives are full of deprivation and painful mutilations. These gentle, inquisitive animals deserve so much better.

It is important to remember that animals are individuals! No animal wants to die, and every animal deserves to be free.

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